Joe Buck

NLDS: A Sample of Joe Buck’s Earth-Shattering Play-by-Play

Joe Buck was once again given the honor of calling the National League Divisional Series when instead the honor should have gone to someone more deserving. We at SJN can think of one person in particular who should’ve called the game (Vin Scully) given the Dodgers are in the series, but who cares what we think?

64 years in broadcasting doesn’t entitle you to anything.

On to a smattering of Joe’s amazing calls from Monday, October 6th, Game 3.

“That is a strike, for strike number three.” on Hyu’s first inning K of Randal Grichuk.

“Here’s the 3-0. And how bout that, swingin’ on 3-0. On … the … 3-0.” during Matt Holliday’s first inning at-bat. It sounded like Joe was trying really, really hard to remember which type of breaking pitch it was, however, Joe can’t differentiate between breaking pitches so that’s why he didn’t say. Good recovery, though.

“A.J. Ellis was born in Missouri.” Buck made this comment during a long pause. It had nothing to do with anything going on at the time. Super Buckian.

 “Here’s one into right, and that one is going to be CAUGHT! It is dropped.” on Hanley Ramirez’s single in the second inning. The ball wasn’t caught, nor was it dropped. It was trapped. So, in effect, he made two wrong calls. Kind of reminds us of this gem by longtime play-by-play jerk John Sterling.

“On deck is Carpenter. Lackey’s just trying to get to him.” Lackey was batting in the second, and yes, this is what Lackey would want to do, preferably by getting on base.

Hell, it goes on all night. Just tune in and listen for yourself.