Giancarlo Stanton Signs with Marlins for $1.6 Billion Over 25 years.

The Miami Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton have reached a blockbuster deal that will keep the slugger in Miami until 2029. The deal is reported to be worth nearly $1.6 billion with incentives and bonuses totaling another $1.2 billion should the slugger stay healthy. This would keep Stanton in a Marlins uniform until the age of 50, or until the team folds or moves to another city.

Stanton told media after the game:

“Yeah, it’s cool. I mean, it’s a lot of money. I’m just kinda like, yeah. I love baseball and I love playing baseball wherever we play. It’s just a really tough thing to swallow, you know, being somewhere for that long. It’s just…yeah.”

Stanton made mention that he’d like to visit Hawaii some day and that he’d “definitely like to check out Paris one day, too.” Midway through the conference, the outfielder noted that he “really thought the Yankees might make a run at me, and that would have been cool, but I guess not.”

Stanton has hit 154 home runs over his five year tenure with the Marlins, and slugged a whopping .540, with a batting average of .271. He’s now the highest paid salaried professional in the world behind a few thousand bankers, moguls and barons.

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